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"But, I've tried Facebook ads and they didn't work!"

We're you speaking to the right auidence with the right offer? Watch the video to discover how to get clients flooding your office with appointments.


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Michael has a passion for helping businesses grow using marketing and automation. His knowledge of offer creation, customer targeting, and campaign management drives consistent results for his clients. He is an avid reader in direct response marketing, a former Marine Corps Officer, and graduate of the Military College of South Carolina, The Citadel. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?  

Click any of the big orange buttons on this website. You will be redirected to schedule your intro call. You will also be prompted to fill out a brief questionnaire to speed up the process. If we're a good fit to work together, we will send you our proposal, agreement & get rolling!  

How Does The Guarantee Work?  

We take a first month's deposit up front so we know you're serious. Every month, Gadget Media guarantees a minimum of 30 qualified leads for your business. Our role is to accelerate your success by removing the lead generation challenge, so you can focus on what you do best! Upon completion of our engagement, if we haven’t delivered on our promise, we work for free until we do! *Qualified Leads Defined as: Levels 1, 2, & 3  

How Does Database Reactivation Work?  

Appointments without adspend. We use a proven automated texting sequence to reactivate your current database using a proven offer. We’ll send this sequence to all contacts who have visited your location but aren’t current members. Additionally, we’ll monitor all conversations and book subsequent appointments.  

What You Get: Sustainable appointment generation using your list. Delivered directly to your inbox and connected to your team’s calendar!  

What Do I Get With Facebook Ads?  

Facebook marketing funnel strategy for Lead Generation Competitive Research so you can dominate your market and reach more people Exhaustive Facebook Audience Targeting Research Facebook ad campaign implementation & tracking Create copy for ads, which is cohesive with your brand’s voice and the messaging on the relevant URLs for each campaign. One monthly marketing call included to discuss ads, reporting & updates. 24/7 Campaign Management during the campaign.  

What You Get: Targeted leads (name, email, phone number) of people interested in your product or service delivered right to your cellphone and email inbox! 

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Book a call with one of our lead specialists to get pricing for your specific business needs: